List of Designer Cabinet Boxes List of Original Cabinet Boxes


  • Designer Shaker White
  • Designer Shaker Merlot
  • Designer Shaker Java
  • Gloss White
  • Gloss Black
  • Madison White
  • Madison Chocolate
  • Wenge
  • Classic White
  • Classic White with Brown Glaze
  • European Honey
  • European Cognac
  • Gray
  • Zebrano
  • Classic Java
  • Classic Merlot
  • Classic Chocolate
  • Shaker Chocolate
  • Shaker Honey
  • Shaker Cognac
  • Classic Cognac
  • Classic Cognac with Brown Glaze
  • Classic Honey
  • Classic Honey with Brown Glaze
  • High Profile with Brown Glaze


Do-it-yourself cabinet assembly


Should you choose to assemble your RTA cabinets by yourself, Mei Kitchens has provided a succinct step-by-step video guide. View the guide as you approach the construction of your unassembled cabinets, and your kitchen dream will be one step closer to reality.


**Notice to right side of this page that we’ve included helpful links. Each link will specify the necessary steps to assembling a given part of RTA cabinets.**


Cabinet boxes: Designer and Original


Mei Kitchens’ Designer cabinet boxes have all natural, real-wood interiors and patent-pending solid wood edges. Our Original boxes contain all the benefits of the designer boxes, only with stationary toe-kicks and color-matching interior finishes.


In the assembly video, Erin puts together a cabinet with a Designer cabinet box. Should you choose a style with an Original cabinet box, the assembly process is identical. (Feel free to disregard the portion about adjustable legs).


Quality cabinetry and assembly


Mei Kitchens cabinetry services cater to all demographics. Pre-assembled cabinets offer less control over a kitchen and bathroom remodeling process. Experience the satisfaction of assembling your own kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities.


All Mei Kitchens’ cabinets and bathroom vanities are delivered RTA (ready to assemble). Not only are the RTA cabinets a beautiful addition to your kitchen, but they’re made with 3/4” plywood. Long lasting and durable, the new kitchen cabinets will prove their value time and time again following a proper assembly. We suggest contacting a contractor, as their familiarity with labor and maintenance will be superb.  All kitchen cabinets are unassembled upon delivery.


Revolutionizing contemporary cabinetry

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