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Comparing the cost of refacing vs. the cost of our new cabinets

Are you thinking about refacing your cabinets instead of just getting all brand new cabinets? In certain cases it can sometimes be the better route to take, but it is generally not very cost effective, especially when you consider our low prices. Read this and really compare the costs.

What is refacing

Refacing is the process of replacing cabinet doors and drawer fronts without removing or changing the actual cabinet boxes. During the refacing process, the edge banding is re-laminated at the front of the cabinet boxes and exposed panels are changed to match the door color and texture.

Are you considering refacing your cabinets instead of getting brand new cabinets?

In certain cases, refacing is the better route to take. However, refacing is generally not as cost effective as homeowners may believe, especially when you consider our low prices.


Mei Kitchens is a leading, online retailer which sells factory direct kitchen cabinets. Our cabinets are high quality, all wood cabinets and are generally lower in price than refacing your kitchen.

When should a homeowner reface?

The only logical time to reface your cabinets is if you have recently had a new and expensive countertop installed, especially granite or quartz countertops. In this situation, refacing is a wise choice because a countertop can easily be broken if you try to remove it to replace your cabinets.


Refacing may also be a cost-effective approach if your kitchen cabinet boxes are made from high quality materials. Learn more about the quality of cabinet parts.

Refacing compared to the cost of new cabinets

The cost of refacing cabinets often comes out to be much higher than homeowners may originally anticipate. Costs entail all of the materials of doors and drawer fronts, which include edge bandings, laminate sheets, glues and other misc. items. In addition to the materials cost, consumers must pay for the high cost of labor. Labor time for refacing is much higher than the labor time for a new cabinet installation, so the total cost of the labor is much higher.


This price, especially if coupled with an upgrade to wood doors and drawers will often be very close to the price of new cabinets. We suggest checking out our cabinets, which are factory direct, because the total cost of our cabinets is usually lower than the cost of refacing.

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