Installing cabinets may not seem all that difficult at first, but there are many things that experienced contractors take into consideration and have the general know-how to accomplish. Cabinet installers do this for a living and have the experience to easily address the difficult scenarios and situations that arise in different kitchens.


Here are some common scenarios that contractors may encounter:

  1. Uneven floors - this is one of the most common issues that can cause a lot of problems with your cabinets (and then the countertop)
  2. Uneven ceilings - this is a much more complicated scenario but is also very common. Cabinets are precisely cut so any small variation in the ceiling creates problems.
  3. Walls that are not plumb - Plumb is vertically level and sometimes the walls can tilt inwards or outwards making it especially difficult to hang wall cabinets.

Most homes will have at least one scenario like this which is usually due to homes settling over time. We have developed a Find a Contractor network to help homeowners easily find contractors in their area. Just enter your zip code and select the service type you are looking for. It is always best to find a reliable contractor so they can easily provide a solution for any possible problem.

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