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Having recently conducted an ugly kitchen contest, Mei Kitchens is inviting the interior designstudents of the Art Institute to enter a kitchen design contest. The winner of the “Ugly Kitchen” contest, Patricia Mulvehill of Ebensburg, PA qualifies for $14 ,000.00 allowance of products from Mei Kitchens, as itemized below:

  • $7,000.00 for Mei Kitchens cabinets, knobs/pulls, sink/faucets, andbacksplashes.
  • $2,000.00 for cabinet assembly and installation.
  • $3,000.00 for countertop material, fabrication, and installation.
  • $1,000.00 for miscellaneous work such as plumbing and electrical.
  • $1,000.00 (awarded to the winning designer ) for a custom kitchen design.


There is no entry fee for Mei Kitchens’ design contest. Interested designers are welcomed to createand submit an original kitchen design to the Mei Kitchens staff. Five finalists will be chosen, and Patricia Mulvehill (winner of the “Ugly Kitchen” contest) will choose the winning design. Each kitchen design entry should meet the following requirements:

  • Sole use of Mei Kitchens cabinets, knobs/pulls, sinks/faucets, and backsplashes. 
  • A three-dimensional rendering of the newly designed kitchen. 
  • Provide a floor plan of the newly designed kitchen. 
  • A simple 250 word description of the kitchen: “What is the theme, and how will it be an improvement over the current “ugly” kitchen?”

**We also encourage the contestants to correspond with Patricia Mulvehill. Get to know her, findout her tastes, and discover what the new kitchen means to her! We have assembled a profile package for you to learn more. Click here to download**


How to Enter

Interior designers who are interested should send a short letter of interest to the following . We will provide each designer with the necessary items to begin their kitchen design (kitchen measurements, current kitchen layout, pictures of the current kitchen, MeiKitchens product information, and contact information for Patricia Mulvehill).


If there are any questions regarding the Ugly Kitchen Design Contest, feel free to call or e -mail MeiKitchens during regular business hours.


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