How to Measure


In this video, we show our suggested procedure to take measurements on your own.

Suggested Procedure transcript:

1. Get a pencil, ruler, graph paper (download and print paper sheet), and tape measure (download how to use a tape measure guide)

2. Select kitchen shapes:

Single Galley

Two-Way Galley

L Shape

U Shape

Large island

Small island

Kitchen Shape Single Galley Kitchen Shape Two-WayGalley Kitchen Shape l Kitchen Shape u Kitchen Shape large island Kitchen Shape small island

3. Draw the shape of the room
4. Measure
the room wall-to-wall and record it on the drawing (windows and doors are measured from outside edge to outside edge of casing or trim)
5. Verify
that total wall dimension is equal to the sum of all dimensions
6. Measure
the sink (from one corner of the wall where the sink is located to the middle of the sink) and indicate if it is a single or double sink.
7. Measure
from floor to ceiling at several locations and record the smallest dimension. (if you have soffits, measure height and depth of soffits from the floor)
8. Measure
and locate electrical outlets, air vents, gas lines, water lines, 220 line for stove, and oven.
9. List
appliances with their dimensions

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