White Kitchen Trends

A fresh pallet


White kitchens are not just chic, high end displays seen within the pages of interior design magazines. White signifies a fresh pallet, thus making it the perfect selection for anyone involved with kitchen or bathroom design overhaul. A new kitchen is an investment, and more so emotionally than a monetarily. White kitchens are analogous to rebirth, and they achieve the highest amount of serenity. Reward yourself with a blank canvass and see that the possibilities are endless.


A white kitchen does well to create space and provide cleanliness. As dirt and grime are easily noticed on white, cleaning is a breeze, and you’re sure to never miss a spot. The most versatile of all colors and shades, a white kitchen can either be traditional or modern. Gloss white kitchen cabinets create a seamless contemporary look. While minimalist, glossy white cabinets can provide depth as well. Contrasted against a deeper tone, they replicate a growing color-blocking trend.


Contemporary styles are not the only option with a white kitchen. The designers at Mei Kitchens have experience adapting modern kitchen cabinets into a traditional design. Cottage style kitchens and bathrooms are timeless, but they utilize white cabinets. Our Classic White style are perfect examples of a clean, decorative white kitchen.


Make your accessories matter


Nothing is permanent with a white kitchen. Revel in a sense of freedom when it comes to optimizing you accessories. As the many style guides kindly inform us, color pallets should change as per the seasons. A white background neutralizes the interior setting, in turn making the color accents stand out. Options are infinite against a white canvass, and nothing is permanent with a white kitchen.

A white kitchen is analogous with colorful accessories and easy rearrangement. Individualize your interior in the most basic way, or inject extravagant eccentricities. Our white kitchen cabinets are not just fashion forward, but they are durably constructed. All kitchen cabinets are made with 3/4” plywood and soft closing, full extension drawers.


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