European Honey Sample Cabinet    

Price: $83.53

Product Description

Size: Height: 16-3/4", Depth:12-7/8", Width: 7-7/8"
Box Construction: 3/4" Plywood, Finished Inside with one Shelf
Drawer Box Construction: 3/4" Plywood, Finished Inside
Drawer Box & Box Finish: Toffee
Door Material: Solid Maple
Door Finish: Toffee with Brown Glaze
Door Style: High Profile
Price: Per Unit

As an assembled product, are not subject for refund, under any condition.

Parts included

1: SAMPLE DOOR-European Honey 10*12 in quantity of 1
2: SAMPLE DRAW-European Honey in quantity of 1
3: BOX-Honey-Sample Cabinet RTA in quantity of 1

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