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Mei Kitchens new Contemporary Line of Cabinetry has been designed with you, our customer in mind. We have responded to your requests to have the look of fine high end designer cabinets at Affordable Prices with Great Value. We’ve even gone a step further by keeping our quality integrity with all Plywood Boxes (Carcasses) that are unequalled in the industry!
Most of our new Contemporary Line of Kitchen Cabinets are “in stock” and ready to ship.
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Mei Kitchens cabinets has built in quality that makes our cabinets even better than the sum of its parts:
PVC material used on our edge trims is of the highest quality using pure material without other substances as toxic fillers
“Green” Materials are repurposed in the construction of our cabinets making our product more environmentally friendly.
Glues and Adhesives are resistant to temperatures of 194° degrees Fahrenheit to prevent peeling.
Long lasting if you plan on staying with your kitchen for 20 years or more.
Edge Banding products will not peel in extreme cold temperatures
Veneer is high quality non peeling

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