About Different Types of Drawer Sides Material for Kitchen Cabinets

Drawer Side Material

Box Material

Drawers take the most abuse of any component in your kitchen. They are constantly being opened for silverware and utensils and more. Drawers are one of the most important quality components when choosing your kitchen cabinets. We at Mei Kitchens make the highest quality most durable drawer in the market. In most cases we exceeded industry stands for drawer construction and materials.

These fine features are available as an expensive upgrade by other manufacturers. All of these features are Standard on Mei Kitchen Cabinets


Solid wood sides results in the premier option for cabinet drawer boxes. While being extremely strong and durable. It is cut from a solid piece of wood and does not have layers or plies and will have finished and smooth edges on all sides. Also it is the most resistant to moisture.


Mei Kitchens drawer sides are made of ¾” solid wood.


Soft Closing

Joint Construction

Bottom Material

Slide Extension

Slide Material


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