Different Types of Drawer Sides Material for Kitchen Cabinets


Solid Wood Cabinet Draw Quality Plywood Cabinet Box Quality MDF Cabinet Box Quality Particle Board Cabinet Box Quality

Solid wood for drawer sides

Plywood for drawer sides

MDF for drawer sides

Particle board for drawer sides

Solid wood is the premier option for cabinet drawer boxes as it adds a beautiful natural look while still being extremely strong and durable. It is cut from a solid piece of wood and does not have layers or plies and will have finished and smooth edges on all sides.

Plywood is a good option for drawer sides. Its strong material and solid-core employs several layers of wood plies or veneers at varying angles for stability and rigidity.




MDF is an engineered wood product made from wood fibers that are pressed and bonded together. Like particleboard, it's susceptible to water damage and it's also very heavy, adding to the overall weight that's suspended from the hanging rails on the back of the cabinet.

Particle board has many drawbacks. It's susceptible to damage from liquids, doesn't hold screws as well as plywood, and is much weaker and susceptible to bending and warping.




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