What to expect when ordering cabinets & how to prepare to receive them

We want to make sure you understand and are prepared to receive orders from us. Here is everything you should know.

Our Warehouses and Orders

We keep our cabinets in-stock and on hand in our massive warehouses. When your order is received, all of the parts making up that order are pulled; the boxes, the doors, the knobs and everything else making up your order. Your order is then palletized by our warehouse personel. Once palletized, they are shipped via the most efficient national LTL line directly to you.

Shipping Our Orders

We ship our rta cabinet orders two possible ways depending on the weight of the order. All orders weighing less than 150 lbs. will be shipped via UPS Ground (with upgrades available). Orders over 150 lbs will be shipped via the most efficient national carrier. All of the calculations are built into our shopping cart and automatically selected at the time of checkout. All orders generally ships within 15 business days after purchase. It takes additional 2-6 days to arrive depending on shipping destination. Delays may occur due to a high volume of orders and customers are encouraged to contact Mei's customer service to verify shipping dates prior to placing orders.

Here you can read more about our Shipping and Receiving Policies.

A cabinet order being loaded A sample order

Receiving Our Orders

Orders shipped by UPS will be delivered to your door like a typical UPS delivery. Orders delivered by freight will be a little different, here are some things to consider.

  • Freight drivers will deliver to a dock or to a curb
  • It is your responsibility to unload
  • If you do not have a forklift available you can easily unwrap the palette and unload the cabinets by hand
  • It is recommended to have help ready and space prepared to place them
  • The package will include the following;
    • A packing slip list of all parts and the quantities included
    • A grouping sheet explaining which parts combine to build which cabinets
    • Extra hardware, screws, hinges and slides (All hardware now ships in a box seperate from the cabinets to prevent scratching)
    • A touch-up pen
    • Assembly instructions (ready to assemble cabinet instructions also available online)

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